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Homes are the places where we spend most of our time. It is the place where we spend most of our daily life, and it also reflects the quality and standard of our life. If we do not keep it clean and well managed, then not just our quality of life will go down also people around working or living in there will be affected.

For this reason, it is essential for everyone to ensure that they have a nicely painted and well-decorated household or office area. Obviously, a good painting company is necessary for this.

We at PRIDE offer professional interior&exterior house painting in Arlington and surrounding areas.Our services include:

professional interior exterior house painters in arlington,ma

Interior Painters in Arlington,MA

Professional interior exterior house painters in Arlington,PRIDE Painting, is here to take on a wide array of your interior painting needs. We will paint one bedroom or your entire house. No matter what the project you can expect a quality interior paint job from our friendly knowledgeable team. A quality paint job consists of many things in our mind and we will make sure to follow all the steps to get an excellent result.

Arlington Painters Beginning Preparation

We remove all electrical covers and light switch plates and anything else you need removed from the walls, move all furniture (but do ask you remove any valuable knick knacks prior to this) and cover in plastic as needed. We dropsheet areas of the floor where needed and begin with the prep work aspect of the job. The prep work for an interior job can consist of many different things, but our standard service is to fill all nail holes, patch any dents, dings and imperfections, repair any minor drywall repairs or cracks, and then prime anywhere significant prep was required.

Interior Painting Starts in Arlington

Once the prep work is completed to the PRIDE Painting standards, we begin the actual painting of your home. Using top quality supplies makes the project commence more efficiently, and also adds to the quality of the overall job. For this reason we use a wide array of great products. Spending more on our supplies is definitely worth the investment as the trade off is longer lasting products, better quality and we are able to get the work done faster.

Residential Interior Painting (Minimum of 2 coats)

As far as the actual painting, this is generally the easy part once all of the prep work is done, furniture out of the way and its time to paint! When it comes to interior painting we cut in and roll out walls with a minimum of 2 coats 99% of the time. If a customer wants the same colour we can do one coat but typically recommend 2 coats for optimum coverage and durability.

Painting Project Extras

We can also tint primers to a similar colour of the topcoat in some cases, depending on the colour which can help with coverage. A full prime is always required over new drywall, and often to seal vibrant colours. It can also be needed to give a room the proper base to achieve the desired colour of the topcoat. Usually a tinted grey primer (or whatever colour primer is called for by the paint colour which the paint store will provide details on) is sometimes needed in order to achieve the true colour that deep or accent base colour actually is.This is typical with bright colours like reds, oranges, purples, neon greens, etc. In some case even with the proper tinted primer and a quality paint it can take 3 or 4 topcoats to achieve full coverage with these colours so be sure to inform your painter if you are leaning towards any of these kinds of colours, and we will always ask at the time of the estimate as well.

Rest assured whatever your interior painting needs are we can handle it and will give you a detailed quote to meet your needs prior to starting the job. We are the professional house painters in Arlington,MA.Once you select the options you would like to go ahead with the rest is up to us and we guarantee you will be happy with the finished product!

professional interior exterior house painters in Arlington,MA

Best Quality Exterior Home
Painters in Arlington,MA

Arlington Exterior Painting

From garage door painting, wood or aluminum siding painting, to difficult to access 3rd story dormer painting, big or small at PRIDE, we paint them all! (There is literally no job to big or small that we will not take on). We have the manpower and knowhow to get your job done no matter what kind of painting is involved. We are professional interior exterior house painters in Arlington,MA.

Detailed Exterior Painting Quote

We break our detailed quotes into options for customers depending on budget, so you can prioritize a portion of a project or do the entire project. This could entail different coating options on various areas of your home, or breaking down a quote by each side of the house, or by level, whatever the case may be we want to take care of your project and are flexible in breaking down the quote to meet your needs.

Prep work is a must

on exterior painting

When it comes to exterior painting, prep work is the most important aspect, and at PRIDE Painting, we take the aspect of prep work very seriously. Proper preparation of the surfaces being painted can often take longer then applying the topcoats of paint. For exterior painting we have a process we follow for every job, which entails scraping any loose paint off the surfaces, feather sanding the edges (or completely sanding or heat gunning the previous layers of paint if our premium option is selected), then cleaning and wiping down the entire surface with the proper products such as TSP (tri-sodium-phosphate) if there is mildew or mold present, and to remove and dirt or dust particles prior to applying a quality primer to all bare wood or all paintable areas in our premium option.

In the end rest assured we use the best possible primer depending on your project, and given primer is what holds the paint to the surface this is a crucial step that cannot be skipped.

 We often take on many projects at heights or with significant prep work that homeowner or even other painters would not take on. Do not forget about our industry leading PRIDE Guarantee of 3 years on paintable surfaces.

Quick Facts about Arlington,MA

Arlington, founded over 350 years ago, remains proud of its history, even as it has grown into a thoroughly modern community. The birthplace of Uncle Sam, the location of the first public children’s library, and the site of most of the fighting when the British marched through it returning from the Old North Bridge at the start of the Revolutionary War, Arlington has preserved many of its historical buildings and even recreated its town common. Once a thriving agriculture and mill town, Arlington’s excellent access to metropolitan Boston has made it a very desirable place to live..” read more..

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Professional House Painters in Arlington,PRIDE Painting Company offer interior & exterior house painting services to all of Arlington and surrounding areas.

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